Pygmalion & Galateea – Metamorphosis

Marble, year of creation 2020. Artwork dimensions (height/width/depth): 75x 42 x 18 cm.

I sculpted in marble the moment of metamorphosis, as described by the great poet Ovid, who lived the last years of his life in Romania at Tomis (Constanta today), being forcibly exiled from Rome in the year 8 AD and was buried approx. 9 years later in the same locality.

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Stone, year of creation: 2020. Artwork dimensions (height/width/depth): 40 x 15 x 15 cm.

The prayer is our direct connection with heaven because no matter how complicated the technological achievements, they can be deciphered analytically – and, after all, how simplistic they are compared to the miracle of the complexity of living organisms or the cosmic universe and its movements!

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